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Legs Mums & Tums

At Quit the Gym we believe that a well-rounded pre- and postnatal exercise program should focus on different fitness areas. The classes all include exercises for your aerobic endurance, muscular fitness and flexibility. We try and keep the classes fun and enjoyable to help you adhere to your program and stay motivated.

Pre-natal - Due to all the lifting, feeding and carrying a new mum has to do we feel that it becomes vitally important that exercise for pregnant women is focused around using body-weight exercises and weights to strengthen their whole body. You can still do so much while you are pregnant but there seems to be a lot of confusion about what you can and cannot do.

Our fully-qualified trainers are up-to-date with the latest pre- and post-natal training advice to help guide you through sessions that will be safe and good for you.

Post Natal - the best way to get back in shape after your new arrival. Whatever your postnatal stage we have a program that will suit your needs; from initial recuperation in your first six weeks through those tough times of getting back into your jeans and onto those new levels of fitness.

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When I gained around 60 pounds during my pregnancy I never thought I would be able to lose all that weight again. But I joined QTG, cut down on all the cake, sweets and fizzy drinks, and after four months of going to three classes per week, I had lost all the weight I gained during my pregnancy. When I tell people, how much weight I have lost, they always ask HOW? The answer is simple: QTG. If it hadn't been for the top-professional trainers that helped me exercise in my own pace, I wouldn't be able to fit all my pre-pregnancy clothes right now. So THANK YOU QTG - both for motivating me, entertaining my baby and rocking the pram when she was sleepy, for listening to my heavy breathing, when I was a big girl running around the park, and also thank you for the nice tan that the outdoor workout has given me.

Anna-Louise, Chiswick

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If you have any questions please email membership@quitthegym.co.uk or give us a call on 07941 487 283.