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Quit The Gym Testimonials


Quit the Gym classes have a great balance of motivation, discipline and fun and cater really well to mixed classes, stretching those who want to be pushed and working with others just getting back into exercise. They're also curiously addictive - a welcome change to the same old gym routines!

- David Pack

Over the last two years, QTG sessions have been both fun and hugely beneficial. Before starting the classes I badly injured my ankle playing rugby and was a bit nervous about starting training again with other people. The sessions were ideal though as they were constantly adjusted to fit what I could and could not physically do and to help me strengthen the injured area once again. There was constant motivation provided in both wanting to improve and keep up with the other people in the class and from the support provided by the trainers that you just don’t get while training on your own in the gym. The classes carried on being beneficial once I started playing rugby once again for the increased core strength I had gained and the fitness I had rebuilt doing bodyweight exercises that were much more ‘true to life’ than lifting weights in the gym.

- Ryan Ashlee

Quit the Gym classes really helped me become much fitter and stronger. Although I ran regularly before joining, I'm now much faster and get far fewer injuries as well as feeling energised. It really helped me train for and complete my first ever Ultra Marathon last year. Exercising outdoors is also fantastic (even in cold weather, you warm up very quickly!) and the classes are fun and friendly.

- Holly Morgan Smith

In the two years not only has QTG improved my overall fitness, it has also improved my mental health in that I'm much less stressed at work. Also, as a mature person, it has given me a real confidence boost as I am so much stronger and can now do exercises, such as push ups, that I never dreamt of being able to do.

- Pat Daley

Hi Quit the Gym! I just wanted to say thank you so much setting up Quit The Gym! I loved every session I went to and not only did I tone up and lose a few pounds before my wedding, it also helped to keep my stress levels down!

- Jennifer W

I joined Quit the Gym after attending one of the trial sessions as I found it to be a brilliant alternative to the regular gym that I had previously attended and SO much better value for money. The instructors ensure that you don't get bored by varying classes from week to week, they can show you easier variations if you're struggling or push you if you find it too easy. Highly recommended.

- Abbie P

Quit the Gym is a fun, friendly and motivational way to kick start your exercise regime. It's great to have the variety of instructors, not one session is the same, and to be pushed at your own ability. I highly recommend it and look forward to meeting some new faces.

- Faye F

I love the friendly atmosphere of Quit the Gym. It really motivates me to come back again and again.

- Sophie