Frequently Asked Questions @ Quit The Gym

Why Should I Join Quit The Gym?

Quit The Gym offers you the chance to get fit, outdoors, with the support and motivation of fully qualified personal trainers.

Will I Get Shouted At?

NO!  Our trainers are chosen on their ability to motivate and encourage you.  We want you to be happy, healthy and part of the movement so everything we do is designed to help you get the most out of each and every class.

What If It's Raining?

Then you'll get wet!  Quit The Gym classes run whatever the weather, 52 weeks a year.  But, we know you'll have fun because you're not in a sweaty, soulless gym!

How Do I Know If Quit The Gym Is For Me?

Sign up for a free trial and find out!  It can't hurt, can it?  Well, possibly a little.  Click here to sign up now.  If you join as a member you have the option of paying for 6 or 12 months' membership upfront and saving yourself some money.

What Happens After My Free Trial?

You have two ways of signing up.  Either join as a member, giving you access to unlimited classes across all of our parks, or buy a block of 10 or 20 session vouchers.

Is There A Joining Fee?

If you sign up for a minimum of three months then there is no joining fee.  If you sign up with no minimum commitment there is a charge of £50.

How Easy Is It To Cancel My Membership?

Very.  Provided there are more than ten working days until your next payment we will cancel your membership immediately.

Do 10 And 20 Session Vouchers Have An Expiry Date?

Yes.  10 session vouchers have an expiry date of six months and 20 session vouchers will be valid for a year.